Friday, 27 April 2012

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Today I went through Chelsea archives- it gave me a good standing ground for context. Learnt that whole reseach that i was doing for the first term grew into subject i am doing now, and falls into places naturally. Last term I was looking and the social borders and territories, housing, that earlier meant to be utopian, failed; it fell into a social gap between wealthy and not so; good and bad; own territories started developing between those areas. Even architectural style of buildings formed stereotypes of who's living in there. Now looking at the Millbank panopticon, building was built using Bentham's utopian designs, but failed over the fact that regime was too strict and building, as an optical machine of human groupings, mentally and physically killed people. In both cases there was a dominant control, which suposed to be utopic, but the reality of this power was a failure. I find it ironic in both cases. Millbank prison from bird's eye view looking as a symmetrical flower from outside, ironicaly was more like chaos inside. My aiming for the final proposal is to show old traces of the building, as a reminder of the failure, marking its territory, layered on today's map. Structure is half-see-through, the representation of something that once was a power, but now it just stands as a reminder of the territory and flows there as a memory.


at the moment I've got this: wood is too thick, thinner will snap and bend on the ends from the pressure of the string; plastic is too thick or again, thin will bend. My solution at the moment is metal rod , (still waiting for threaded ones but they will be too thick as i can see now...). The metal rod is 2mm, and would be sprayed with white paint.

My main thoughts are that at first I was intending to get the model against the location, so it could be seen as "old and new", now wonder maybe flat map of the millbank would get lost against the big structure?+ Background of the threaded structure wouldnt be single colour anymore. White wood plane, possibly grey/black map and white rods+string structure. Or everything white.

Could be map+structure and a one or so example of close up. RISK IN TIME?

Quick examples of artists to explain the way I imagine the map.

Details that couldn't be done- little slots where cells should be ( around the walls)

The most possible details of the structure around the walls.

Any other advice/ideas in terms of technical, material side of the making?

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